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Meet Travaughn Gordon, the military vet turned master tailor behind the luxury brand, Vaughnti’s Lux. With an MBA in Accounting tucked under his arm and a needle at the ready, this Savannah, Georgia-based visionary is stitching together a global fashion revolution.

His discipline, honed from his service days, is reflected in each intricate stitch and seamless design. But Travaughn’s story goes beyond tailoring; he’s a community leader, playing the magic genie to deserving students delivering them a personalized prom outfit. With style, heart, and undeniable panache, Travaughn is reweaving the fabric of the luxury tailoring industry.

History of Vaughnti’s

Early Vaughnti’s

Fashion an explicit interest of Travaughn’s grew over time. He has always had a deep respect and appreciation for a well curated look, and started taking early strides to bring Vaughnti’s to life styling connections in his personal network and supplying custom tailored apparel.

Military Service

Military Service has always been an outgrowth of Travaughn’s belief in investing in his community and giving back to those who support him, something he still carries over today in his charitable efforts. Success in the military primarily has come as a result of the work ethic and discipline that all responsibilities are approached with.

Master’s Program

Looking to formalize his natural instinct towards business savvy, Travaughn sought out and completed an MBA program with Savannah State in order to take Vaughnti’s to the next level

Growing Vaughnti’s

2023 saw the opening the first Vaughnti’s tailor shop in Savannah, GA and an investment in the future growth of this aspiring luxury apparel brand.

Contact Information

Customer Service
To speak with a representative at Vaughnti’s please call (330) 990-2876 or write us at vaughntis@vaughntislux.com.

Our shop is located at 7302 Abercorn St in Savannah, GA visit our contact page for more info.

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